400 days without masturbation… this is what happened

How long can you stay without masturbation? Can you complete 400 days without it?

Well, there is a challenge popularized on Reddit for staying away from masturbation. It has been found that not masturbating could raise your testosterone by 45 percent.  But what more is there to staying off the act for 400 days! 

Well, that sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Taking up this challenge, Luke Eilers decided to see how long he could hold off on ‘touching himself’. The movement is appropriately called the ‘No Fap Movement’ and the biggest thing that motivated Luke was the realization that he was addicted to porn.

He admitted that he felt a lot of shame when he finished watching some racy adult videos. Moreover, he also realized that he suffered from a lack of motivation, focus and productivity.

Talking about this with fellow YouTuber Andrew Hales, Luke explains how he feels since he started his journey: “The way I would describe it is I kind of just feel like 10 percent better in loads of areas like motivation, confidence, energy, mental clarity. Lots of people talk about superpowers and it completely changes their life; every once in a while, I would get spurts of that.”

But only 10% in more than a year? Maybe next time he can abstain for like 4,000 days to complete the 100%.

Luke also made sure to clarify that even though he didn’t ‘pleasure himself’; he still had sex and even looked at porn, but strictly no masturbation. Apparently, as long as you’re ejaculating with a partner then that’s considered ‘healthy’.

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He also mentioned that he had discovered a new kind of sex where both the people get down and dirty really slowly for more than an hour, but never actually complete the act. He hasn’t tried that yet, but he’s very interested to find out how it works.

But, one of the best things that came out of his ‘no fap’ experiment was that because of these behavioural and physiological changes, Luke has taken it upon himself to go into amateur therapy via Skype in order to help out guys who are struggling with porn addiction, depression, social anxiety or who just want to talk about women.

Such a noble thing to do.

Andrew, the guy who interviewed Luke, also saw some changes in himself after trying out the ‘No Fap Movement’ for just 9 days. Wow, this thing works quickly.

So, are you ready to take up this challenge or not?

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