How to cure hair loss in boys and men

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a health concern for men and women of all ages. Many spend years to deal with it. They take all kinds of medicine and undergo various treatment processes just to restore their hair. has been looking into this and we have found some healthy diet that can get you back on track and grow your strong, shiny hair with natural intervention.

The first truth to note is that, the lack of hair or hair loss can be as a result of the lack of certain food nutrients and so it should be understood that by some health foods as well, you can get the hair as you want it.

What health food are important for dealing with hair loss?

Breaking this down simply, there are quite a number of health foods that can you in dealing with hair loss. They are also important for preventing it in the first place so you may want to consider it even if you have not began losing your hair but suspect you may soon, due to family history or related factors.

Key among these are foods that are rich in:

Omega 3 fatty acids.

It is important to note that fatty acids or specifically omega 3 fatty acids are not just for dealing with hair loss issues but they also help to maintain a healthy skin.

Flaxseed oil, Walnuts, Almonds, Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel are all important foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

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Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid

If you are mindful to take in food very rich in Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic acid, you should not have issues with hair loss. They are one of the essential ingredients to keeping a healthy hair.

Bananas, potatoes, and spinach are among the many health foods rich in Vitamin B6. For food rich in Vitamin B12, you can consider dairy products, poultry, and fish. Remember that having these in the wrong proportion may not yield the necessary results.

For a complete supplementary diet for hair loss, folic acid is important. You can find it most especially in citrus fruits, tomatoes, beans and whole grain products. A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits are also helpful in supplying folic acids.


Beyond issues of hair loss, protein is an essential part of any diet if you want to meet your daily nutritional requirement. Reports have suggested that most people do not get enough of protein. Lean meats like fish and chicken, eggs, and soy products are good sources of protein. Note that it is a daily essential.

Iron and Zinc

Food minerals like iron, magnesium , zinc, and biotin have been found to have a close link to the quality of hair. It is recommended to take a multivitamin daily to meet this requirement.

Although we appreciate that hair loss may be caused by various factors, we believe that these health foods listed above are key to addressing most hair loss issues whether for prevention or ‘cure’.

Hair loss may be influenced by genetic factors, autoimmune disease, hormonal issues and so on.

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Often, the cause will determine the most appropriate solution to apply, however, the above foods are important.

Health eating!

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