Flu jab 2017: Best health foods for the season

This year’s flu jab season is here and there is a general anxiety in the atmosphere. Health professionals and citizens are keen on which pro-biotic supplements to take that won’t leave people flu.

Others are concerned about the side effects of the vaccination and whether a vaccination will guarantee safety from the virus. 

These are genuine questions that must be answered to give people the right assurances.

At healthfoodsolution.com, we will try to provide answers to as many of these legitimate questions as possible, but in this particular article, are focusing on the best health foods to eat this season.

First of all, lets look at flu symptoms.

Flu symptoms to be aware of

It is very important to be alert and aware of what exactly is going on with and in your body. Listen to your body basically.

For most people, the season comes with:

  • A little tingle at the back of your throat
  • Slight headaches,
  • Nasal congestion
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing.

The above are very common symptoms of flu. As you may be aware, they are almost the same as cold.

When some signs start rearing their heads, you know it is time to take action, indeed there is a way to prevent this and will share that shortly.

Health foods that can help you prevent flu this season mainly help in boosting your immunity hence you ultimately do not only deal with flu but other conditions that may not have been fully manifested or that may have arisen later.

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Foods to prevent flu this season


  • Chicken Soup
  • Green Tea
  • Garlic
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Tumeric
  • Sweet potato

Lets break this down

Chicken soup

You mum has probably mentioned this to you before, and she is right! Chicken soup has been found to be an age-long health food good for dealing with and preventing flu. The warmth that comes with taking chicken soup first of all, soothes your throat and helps you stay hydrated.

Experts confirm that the hot liquid increases your body’s temperature and loosens mucus secretions so you get to avoid situations of nasal congestion.

Also, when you cook chicken, it releases the amino acid cysteine, which resembles a drug that is used to treat bronchitis.

Chicken soup is also high in protein and vegetables, hence gives the body some super vitamins. It is easy and fast to prepare too.

Green tea

Green tea contains quercetin, an important antioxidant and an amino acid called L-theanine which enables the body to fight and prevent flu.  These compounds give an anti-viral effect that has been found to fight viruses causing the common cold.

Also, the hot liquid effect is obtained from green tea as well. Increases body fluid and looses mucus.


Allicin, a major active component in garlic has been found to be an important antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredient that strengthens the body’s immune system.

Research studies have shown that people taking garlic supplements experienced fewer and less severe colds compared to those taking a placebo.

Taking garlic this season will help you get rid of bodily toxins, some viruses and bacteria. You may decided to eat the garlic raw, maybe 3-5 cloves a day especially in the morning.

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Sweet potato

Yes! You have the right to be surprised. Sweet potato is not an original flu-fighting food. It is however included because of its rich Vitamin A property which is good for maintaining the health of your mucosal surfaces.

For the inside of your nose and your gastrointestinal tract as well as your skin, sweet potato can address that. You might not think of your skin as part of your immune system but it keeps infections from entering your body. It’s your first line of defense,.

Citrus fruits

Your health food list for fighting flu will not be complete without the inclusion of citrus fruits. Orange, Grapefruit, and Tangerine are common citrus fruits good for fighting flu.

They are rich in Vitamin C and also low in sugar so you should have no problems at all.

Often taking these fruits prevents flu symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and runny nose, because of its antioxidant properties.

They strengthen the immune system and also help you meet your body’s required Vitamin C level.


If this post was years ago, Turmeric would have been no were mentioned here. Recent studies have revealed that they are superfoods such health benefits are enormous including prevent and fighting flu.

Turmeric has great positive effects on the immune system when they are drunk often.

It is high in antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory food.

It has been shown that people who consume turmeric are less susceptible to colds, coughs and congestion.

Turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties that makes it a natural herbal alternative to fight off these infections.

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Flu-fighting recipe

This is just a footnote on a simple health tonic to make to fight or prevent flu.

Make the tonic  by using fresh immune modulating turmeric and ginger and vitamin C rich citrus such as orange or any as mentioned above, add some water and honey. You are good to go.

Don’t forget mum’s chicken soup though.

Health eating!

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