No nonsense weight loss steps for women

Weight loss is a long interesting battle most people try to fight yet fail. You may have been in that situation before or still are; don’t give up.

Many weight loss programs offered online are expensive or come at a cost you may not be comfortable with.

In this article, we’ll share a comprehensive weight loss program for free, which you can subscribe and practice at home.

The challenge here is, you will require some great deal of determination to go through it, but be assured that you will surely meet your target and look trim and fit and you wish for.

Let’s get it.

Here are the quick steps of the entire weight loss program:
  1. Self-assessment
  2. Target setting
  3. Diet plan
  4. Exercise plan
  5. Social support
  6. Monitoring and re-assessment


Body weight assessment

This is the first and very important step in completing this program. Assessing your body weight will not only help to keep a record of how far you’ve achieved your target but it is a good intrinsic motivator to urge you to keep on this journey.

You can check this by using the Body Mass Index calculator. We will have to fix a diet plan knowing that the weight gained may actually be as a result of diet, therefore we would also need to know how much of calories you will require to lose or maintain weight. You can use this online calorie calculator to help you do that easily.


Step 2 – Goal Setting

 Goal-setting is just about fixing a specific target you want to reach at the end of the weight loss program.

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Before you talk more about goal setting, be aware that in certain instances, you may actually require a doctor or professional weight loss officer’s assessment and advice.

Moving on, setting realistic and achievable short and long-term goals is the next stage after assessing where you currently are with regards to your weight and general health.

The simplest weight loss goal that most people set is to achieve a certain weight or amount of weight loss by a specific date. For example, “I will lose 10kg in the next six weeks” or “I will weigh 86 kilograms by the 1st of April this year”, etc.

To assist you in setting your goals, we’ve written some articles which you should read before setting your goals, such as Setting Weight loss Goals and Keeping your New Year’s Resolution.

As we mentioned above, conducting a self-assessment and talking to your doctor and possibly a weight loss professional or two will also assist you in setting your weight loss goal.


Health eating!

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