Using papaya leaf juice treat dengue fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease occurring in tropical and subtropical areas. Statistics show that a third of the world’s population live in areas that are at risk for infection, leading to living in areas at risk for infection.

400 million people are infected yearly by dengue fever, of which some suffer death.

This shows how serious the disease is and how it can be fatal if not tackled.

At healthfoodsolution we have investigated and determined that dengue fever can be treated with papaya or pawpaw leaf juice is a natural food solution to the disease.


How is that possible?

Basically, pawpaw leaves are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It comes with enzymes such as chymopapain which helps to increase platelet count in the body.

The leaves are also rich in Carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron, magnesium, and sodium that strengthen the immune system against dengue fever.

How to make pawpaw/papaya leaf juice

Making pawpaw/papaya leaf juice to treat dengue fever is not as complex as it may be thought. In fact, it can take less than 20 minutes to prepare.

Note that the main ingredient in this health food preparation is the papaya leaf.

Steps to follow

  • Take at least 2 raw and fresh papaya leaves
  • Remove the stems and fibrous portions of the leaves
  • Rinse the leaves gently
  • Put the leaves in a juicer or blender with a little cup of pure drinking water
  • Blend them together
  • Sieve it to separate the chaff from the juice
  • Drink the juice raw to get the full benefits
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NB: The juice is extremely bitter however very potent in addressing various health conditions.

You can take it twice a day.

For those who do not like the taste of the bitter pawpaw leaf, there is another way of ensuring you get the best out of the pawpaw leaf, but this time, enjoying something ‘sweeter’; preparation of papaya leaf paste.


How to make papaya leaf paste

This can still be used to treat dengue fever.

Steps to follow:

– Take 2 fresh raw leaves of papaya
– Process them in the mixer to make a paste
– Combine the paste with 2 teaspoons of any fruit juice of your choice
– Mix well
– Directly consume the mixture.
– Repeat that 2 times every day, for about 7 days

Another important benefit of papaya leaf juice is for detoxifying the body.

Health eating!


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