Pepper X: The world’s new hottest pepper that can make you moan

Pepper X has beaten the record to be the world’s hottest pepper, after dethroning Carolina Reaper, the record holder.

The pepper averages a whopping 3.18 million Scoville heat units and has been developed over 10 years. For reference, Jalapenos are a mild 10,000 to 20,000 Scoville units.

Scoville units measure capsaicin, the chemical that triggers spicy sensation.

Because of this, Pepper X is safe for consumption in the The Last Dab hot sauce developed by Puckerbutt Pepper Company founder of Smokin’ Ed Currie.

Pepper X is combined with distilled vinegar, ginger root, turmeric, coriander, cumin and dry mustard in the sauce.

The first 1,000 bottles of hot sauce sold out in two minutes but it is available for pre-order on Heatonist.

The official Guinness World Record for the spiciest pepper is the Carolina Reaper with 1.4 to 2.2 million Scovilles.

Currie announced the new pepper at Chelsea Market in New York during a filming of a First We Feast YouTube episode.

He revealed: ‘Pepper X is three times hotter than any other peppers that are out there available commercially.

‘It’s twice as hot as the Reaper at 1.6 million, so this is a dangerous pepper.’

Currie says the Dragon’s Breath chili is hotter than the Reaper but less so than Pepper X. It comes in at a mild 2.48 Scoville units and is potentially lethal.

According to LiveScience, eating a pepper this hot can send your immune system into overdrive and trick your body into thinking it is experience real, extreme heat.

For the same reason, Pepper X should not be consumed alone.

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The hot sauce is described as: ‘More than simple mouth burn, Pepper X singes your soul. Starting with a pleasant burn in the mouth, the heat passes quickly, lulling you into a false confidence.

‘You take another bite, enjoying the mustard and spice flavors. This would be great on jerk chicken, or Indian food! But then, WHAM! All of a sudden your skin goes cold and your stomach goes hot, and you realize the power of X.’

Currie submitted the evidence that Pepper X is the world’s hottest pepper and said he expects to hear back in November.


Benefits of eating pepper

Just to mention briefly, eating pepper is very important for good health. Except for people with some special medical conditions that require them to stay away from pepper, pepper must be including in meal plans.

It is rich in Vitamin A  and is very important for eye health. It also contains vitamin C which helps to prevent common cold.

Paprika and chili peppers offer the same benefits, but with extra capsaicin, a chemical that can produce a strong burning sensation in the mouth. It’s not in red peppers because a recessive gene eliminates

Are hot pepper healthy?

Eating hot pepper is not unhealthy as it may appear. In fact, capsaicin, the ingredient that causes the burning sensation after eating pepper has been found to play a key role in proper digestion and improvement of cardiovascular health.

Some have also found it to have long-term cancer prevention abilities.

Peppers that contain capsaicin include jalapenos, habaneros, cayenne, serrano, cherry peppers and bell peppers.

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