Stop eating these 8 foods linked to causing cancer

According to their deliveries, cancer can be triggered by:

  • Lifestyle, bad diet, no workouts, tobacco
  • Genes
  • Infections
  • Environment exposure to chemicals or radiation

Some studies have suggested that a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle including lack of regular physical activity increases the risk of cancers.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, almost 20% of the American cancer cases are linked to bad diets, and no physical activity, weight gain and alcoholism.

It is strongly believed that cancers can be prevented and steps can be taken to reduce anyone’s risk.

Cancer risks can be reduced by:


Based on recent studies, here are 8 foods that have been linked to cancer cause
1. Refined and sugary foods

Foods with refined sugar and fructose like corn syrup can lead to many health challenges. They are said to raise insulin levels, making it easy for the growth of cancer cells. In 2006, American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal indicated that people who ate a lot of sugars had a greater chance of getting pancreas cancer.

Honey will be a good replacement for sugar in your diets.

2. Red processed meats

The health challenges associated with eating red and processed meats have been overemphasized. Unfortunately, most people still consume in alarming proportion bacon, ham, sausage.

Although it has some health benefits, the consequences are dire, also because of the high salt content.

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The Nutrition and Cancer journal said in a study that excess meat like this can cause colorectal cancer.

3. Smoked/pickled food

The smoking process for the meats, often leave toxins in the meat and that is unhealthy for human consumption.

Also, pickled foods have nitrates that change to N-nitroso and this triggers cancer.

Also, such foods have too many preservatives too. This is for the long shelf-life. Taking this in excess can damage cells as well.

4. White flour

There are many foods that are made from white floor. Also, refined flour have too much carbs and this is unhealthy. You can opt for low-carb diets.

Women are said to be the worse culprits here, and risk having breast cancer.

Alternatives for this is quinoa, whole wheat, barley and almond flour.

5. Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils can be poisonous when processed. They are from veggies made to stay on the shelf for a long period.

Replace them with coconut, palm and olive oil.

6. Microwave popcorn

Perfluorooctanoic acid are chemicals said to be found in microwave popcorn. This toxin, according to studies said this is harmful and also people who had PFOA exposure had greater chance of kidney and bladder cancer.

Another study said that this chemical causes female infertility.

7. Farmed salmon

Wild and farmed salmon are different a lot. Unlike the farmed one, the wild is healthy and beneficial. Science Magazine made a study where was said that too much salmon chemicals cause the cancer. Some such items are mercury, toxaphene, dioxins, flame retardants and even polychlorinated biphenyls. At least see the labels for the salmon and remember, farmed one is cheaper!

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8. Potato chips

These chips are made with really high heat and this creates acrylamide, carcinogen. International Journal of Cancer stated that these chips have an item that triggers ovary, prostate, breast and digestive cancers. We all know these chips have loads of calories, fats and salt and this causes obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Make your own chips with olive oil and good organic potatoes.

You can try baking apple and banana chips!

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