Ultimate list of organic low-fat meals

We are celebrating the month of October in a special way in terms of our food objective and that is, focus on low-fat meals.

We have in a previous post provided a list of some health foods to include in your October month plan.
This post is meant to provide more details on that as well as give an ultimate list of health foods which are low in fat.

This is important for those who have resolved to watch their weight or those who are generally minded to be moderate in their consumption of fatty foods.

Let’s start by talking about…

What a low-fat meal is

A low-fat meal is essentially a meal that has less of saturated fat and cholesterol. There are enormous benefits of low-fat diets to the body including reduction in the risk of heart diseases and obesity.

Examples of low-fat meals

There are hundreds of examples of low-fat meals particularly because the choice of a low-fat meal is mainly yours to make.

This has more to do with how much less or more of some ingredients you add to your meal.
We’ll go into details of what low-fat recipes are good considerations for a low-fat meal to meet your monthly health goal.

NB: Know that the aim of this is not to make your meal lose its flavor, the target is the fat component of it.

What are some low-fat meals to try

We have dozens of recommended low-fat meals we’ve looked into and are going to present to you below. They are categorized into three; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack.

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Low-fat breakfasts

For your low-fat breakfast, we are looking at something obviously low in fat, quite light for the morning and nutritious. Here are some suggestions.

1. Whole wheat bread or biscuit with skimmed milk

2. Oatmeal with whole wheat bread

3. Porridge with skimmed milk and spoon of honey

4. Organic fruit smoothie. (1 ripe banana, cranberry juice, and frozen red fruit blended together and served with an English muffin toasted and spread with a “light” spread)

5. Home-made muesli made with rolled oats and low far yogurt.

6. Brown rice and smoked haddock with curry paste

7. Wheat porridge and wheat bread with honey

Low fat lunch

When you’ve had a lot of your energy used up and you are exhausted at lunch time but need to get something healthy, low in fat and rich in all the necessary food nutrients, you can take some note from under-listed lunch options.

1. Skinless chicken pasta salad
2. Sandwich with tinned tuna or cucumber
3. Pesto, Sun-Dried Tomato, and White Bean Salad
4. Club salad

Low-fat club sandwich
5. Curry Egg Salad
6. Jacket potato served with cottage cheese and a side salad with a low-fat dressing

Evening low-fat meal (Dinner)

1. Brown rice and spaghetti with Tuna flakes
2. Poached or grilled fish served with new potatoes and peas
3. Fish cakes served with salad and a sweet chili sauce
4. Cottage pie made with Quorn
5. Spicy vegetable burgers
6. Vegetable risotto
7. Hearty chicken casserole

Low-fat Snacks

Low-fat snacks can be taken after lunch or after dinner. If after dinner, you must not go to bed immediately after eating. You can give yourself up to 30 minutes after the snack, then you can go to bed.
Below are some low-fat snacks you can have.

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1. Fresh, dried, canned and frozen fruits
2. Fresh vegetables served with tomato salsa or cottage cheese
3. Popcorn – cooked with the minimum of added fat or oil
4. Bread sticks

Low-fat bread stick
5. Ready to eat breakfast cereals
6. Fat free yogurt
7. English muffins toasted and spread with jam, marmalade, honey or yeast extract
8. A glass of skimmed or 1% milk
9. Crisp bread spread with cottage cheese

You can take some pointers from this note to create your own health food plan. Whether it is for weight loss, or general healthy living.

You may need to start shopping as soon as possible from any health food store near you to buy some of the ingredients necessary to fixing the low-fat meals mentioned above.

Always ensure the ingredients are 100% organic.

If you are in a rush or feeling hungry it is easy to lose sight of all your good intentions. You can also check food labels online on supermarket websites before you go to find out if individual foods are suitable.

Health eating!

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