You need these plants at home for good fortune and positive energy

The concept of bringing harmony to your home is attributed to an ancient Chinese philosophy called Fen Shui. It is believed that specific arrangement of things at home have some connection with the peace, calmness at home.

The same practice can be applied to certain plants. Nature hides different plants and roots which can be placed at certain spots in your home to boost the energy flow, clean air of chemicals and toxins and help you feel better as a result.

We have as such put together a list of 10 important plants you must have at home to achieve the goal of harmony and clean air and positive energy flow.


Besides looking great, palms can also clean the air in your home of formaldehyde and xylene. Put on in your home, and your air will be cleaner than ever.

Peace lily

Even the name of the plant is enough to bring peace and calmness in your house. The peace lily will also purify your air and make it easier and safer for you to breathe.


Besides its pleasant looks, orchids can remove harmful substances from the air in your home and enrich it with oxygen. Due to this, it’s best to put it in your bedroom.


Rosemary smells great and can remove numerous dangerous compounds from the air in your home. According to studies, rosemary’s scent can easily improve your mood and boost your memory as well.


Jade will clean your air of toxins and chemicals and attract prosperity and wealth.

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Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo is an iconic Feng Shui plant that can bring good fortune and boost your energy levels as well. It doesn’t require much attention, so you can just plant it and forget about it.

African violet

The African violet should be put in the northeast corner of your home, where it attracts good fortunes and wealth. Plant it in your home, and your financial situation should soon improve.


Ficus is a low-maintenance plant that can also clean the air in your home from toxins and chemicals.

English Ivy

The English ivy is surely pleasant to look at, and will also absorb all the chemicals and negative energy from your home.

Citrus trees

Citrus trees such as orange and lemon have powerful air-purifying properties and will fill your home with a nice aroma.

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