You need these health foods for a quick detox

A sound mind is in a healthy body and the way to ensure a sound mind, as well as a healthy body, is to keep the body free of toxins and other nasty things that negatively affect healthy life. Letting out the toxins from your body is what is termed as detox.

Detox explained

Detoxification, or detox, is a process of removing toxins from the body. The process can be physiological or medicinal and mainly has to do with the liver. In medicine, a dialysis is a form of detox. There are different types of detox and indeed many people detox for various reasons.

In this post, we are focusing on natural health foods that can help you detox at home. It is recommended for everyone who wants to live and maintain a healthy body.

Here are the health foods that can help you do this.


Also known as alligator pear, Avocado due to their fiber-rich and antioxidant properties. This is one of the major foods on regular detox lists now after more research is pointing to the fact that avocados are extremely nutritious. Note always opt for the organic avocado to enjoy the full benefit.



There cannot be an article on detox without the mention of dandelions. They are indeed the brave lions in this area.
The dandelion root has several healing capabilities for the liver.

Dandelion roots can be made as a liver tonic and their leaves, although quite bitters, are healthy to be used as salads.

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Garlic forms an important part of detox health food lists. In fact, it is an ancient practice that dates back to centuries ago. Besides the fact that it boosts the immune system and strengthens the liver.

Garlic does not directly flush out toxins out of the body, however, they produce glutathione, which serves as an agent that filters toxins coming from the digestive system.

Garlic also helps to purify the liver. It has been found out that the full benefits of garlic can be acquired when it is chewed raw; which is recommended.

Unfortunately, many do not prefer chewing it raw due to the taste and strong smell.

There are some garlic capsules in that case which has similar benefits. It is recommended that to fully enjoy the benefits of having garlic in the detox process, a clove to four a day should be consumed.


We’ll end the list on Cabbage. Cabbage Soup Detox Diet throw you off course with this helpful vegetable. Cabbage helps your liver with the byproduct being lower cholesterol, so there is more than one reason to include this vegetable.

In addition to cleansing your liver cabbage will also aid in helping you go to the bathroom, which in turn helps you expel the toxins, getting them out of your system so you can start fresh.

Health eating!


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